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Berkeley, California, chooses YgreneWorks PACE program for its residents

Berkeley, California, welcomed Ygrene Energy Fund’s YgreneWorks PACE (property assessed clean energy) program to help home and business owners finance a broad range of energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation upgrades. To date, Ygrene has been selected by 320+ cities and counties across California and Florida, making it the nation’s leading multi-state residential and commercial PACE provider.

Berkeley joins 46 fellow Bay Area cities in adopting Ygrene’s PACE program and, in doing so, continues Ygrene’s rapid expansion in the region and state, owing to its strong commitment to customer protections and service excellence. With nearly $ 26 million in completed projects throughout cities in the Bay Area, YgreneWorks is enabling property owners in the region to install eligible upgrades such as solar systems, energy efficient windows and doors, heating and air conditioning, cool roofs, and more.

“By bringing this program to Berkeley, we look forward to increasing access to residential and commercial energy efficiency and renewable energy projects,” said Berkeley City Councilmember Kriss Worthington. “Ygrene’s PACE program continues our city’s long history of promoting sustainability, with the added benefit of saving property owners money, and increasing the value of their properties.”

Ygrene is a leader when it comes to safe, transparent PACE financing with a high level of commitment to customer protections. From application through approval, construction, project completion and funding, Ygrene’s customer protection policies ensure California’s consumers are supported every step of the way through their contractor training and certification process, underwriting criteria, consumer disclosures, data security and senior protection policies. For more information, view or download Ygrene’s Customer Assurance and Protections.

“As the nation’s highest-rated PACE program, YgreneWorks has now opened access to critical property upgrades to over 23 million residents of the Golden State,” said Rocco Fabiano, President and CEO of Ygrene Energy Fund. “We are proud to have Berkeley join nearby service areas throughout the Bay Area, as well as 224 other California communities of home and small business owners benefitting from Ygrene’s innovative clean energy financing.”

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