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Beijing Student’s Solar-Powered Egg House

Our generation has been a judge and little emperors, called hothouse flowers, had been said to be a generation who grew up drinking haha wow, had let the previous generation, the previous generation were very worried, worried about whether we can afford the important task of building a socialist country. Now we are older, and began to bear a variety of stress and experience a variety of hard, my last generation, but no longer on the previous generation of people to care about us, and they began to criticize after a 90. When the former “little emperors” started work, starting from the last generation took the responsibility to build our great motherland when it is what kind of gap formation in our hearts, do not have every means to us rest assured that the last generation and the generations ago put us into a socialist country like this.

 We have a great ideal and carries the best intentions, the reality told us that: first find a job enough to eat, boy; so we finally get a job, the reality says: saving money to buy a house now! Saving money did not buy a house buy a house, bought a house in the month the loan, there will be a child has been born or to be born, there are more aging parents ……

 We no longer dare to have the ideal show people out, and I do not know our country so rich people, money people put so much money invested in the house whether it is a right, I think at least should be defective it, because our country has so many places need to build, there are so many needs development, not rows of residential buildings reflect a country’s development, but also can not represent a country’s technological development, but also can not represent a country the accumulation of human history in any decline of dynasties are accompanied by massive construction projects of a word —-” “I know we socialist” build their own homes “and the feudal society of the” massive construction projects, “there is a distinction between the nature , which is pressed and the naked exploitation of the former make us feel like buying a voluntary —- as you do, but it is a place to live ah. No fixed abode, hungry, eat at least now, my other little people can only be consoled himself (PS: Now I still work, and then TM does not give food, slave society but also to eat, who knows After the old, so I will not move how dry)

 The following is a drift of the North, like me man, admire his courage, the envy of his house is a house like that, I was not ……

1, Dai Haifei sitting in his bamboo create Solar-Powered Egg House

2.Bamboo create the Solar-Powered Egg House

The whole house more than two meters high, 3 meters long, 2 meters wide, outside the house in sacks filled with broken wood and seeds, with the top side of solar panels, an internal battery power supply, after the door completely closed , the indoor temperature can reach 4 – 5 degrees Celsius.

3. Hut to two meters high and sacks makes up the skin, may seem insignificant. “Shell” on the oval were pulled out of a door, no lock. Below the hut, equipped with wheels, can move.

Dai Haifei spend more than 1,000 dollars, as the cost of buying materials, several mentees at the help, a busy couple of months, they made Solar-Powered Egg House. “Even if the rent in Beijing, the price so I can not accept.” Dai Haifei introduced.

4. Solar-Powered Egg House furnishings simple, one of about a meter wide bed, bedside stood a few books. End of the bed in possession of a water tank, pressure inside the system, you can put up pressure for washing purposes. “One can probably tank water for three days, the company ran out to pick up.” Daihai Fei said.

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