Solar Power

Beijing Commercial Housing With A Solar Energy Will Receive Government Subsidies

Beijing launched the “Golden Sun” 6 large projects. Today, Beijing “speed up the development and utilization of solar energy industry guidance for” external release, this is the name of the Beijing Municipal Government issued the first time to promote new


The development of a comprehensive paper, from January 1 this year started.

“Opinions” that solar energy development in Beijing the main goal: By 2012, the use of solar collector area of 700 square meters, up to 70 megawatts of solar power systems, solar energy output more than 20 billion yuan; to 2020 , the solar collector area of 11 million square meters use, 300-megawatt solar power system.

Golden sun?? Commercial housing


Solar water heaters

Government to subsidize

New affordable housing, the two limit rooms, common commercial housing, public buildings and culture, health, sports, social welfare and other social welfare institutions and government agencies such as construction, will comprehensively promote solar water heating systems. This concentrated solar energy hot water system will take the collection, household use of the form.

Affordable housing and low-rent housing construction funds for expenditure by the government. New two-limit room, common commercial housing, public buildings and industrial businesses to use solar hot water system installed in accordance with support for high-end applications first-served principle, to December 31, 2012, before the 1 million square meters of the collector area , according to the standard 200 yuan per square meter, be subsidizing a project the scale of single item collector area to more than 100 square meters, equivalent to at least 20,000 yuan of subsidy.

Golden sunlight?? Rooftop photovoltaic

1 yuan subsidy per watt

Hotels, office buildings, sewage treatment plants, stadiums and other public and commercial facilities, and development zones, industrial parks and industrial plant and buildings used any combination of photovoltaic solar roof project, grant 1 per year per watt, Compensation will last 3 years.

Subsidies to the principle of first come first served. Applications should be larger than 50 kW single scale, so that conversion down to the lowest subsidized project can get a 5 million grant.

City Finance Bureau on March 31 this year to develop 20,000 kilowatts PV roof project specific reporting subsidies.

Golden sun?? Primary and secondary schools

More than half of the year after the school achieved

Sunshine Campus

School building in qualified solar water heating, solar lights, small grid-connected PV power generation, solar energy science projects teachers. 2012, 50% of all primary and secondary schools into the sun on campus. Sunshine Campus project funding, municipal schools arranged by the municipal government investment in fixed assets solution belonged to the school by the district government to give the light of the world to support the school subsidy standards.

Golden sun?? Garden

Municipal park all night into the sun

Solar park in the conditional night lights. 2012, 30% of municipal parks and gardens sunshine night belonged to the park to complete projects.

Golden sun?? Benefit farmers

Focus on building support for sun bath

Rural areas


Housing reform, the use of solar heating systems, according to 30% of the subsidies given. Focus on supporting rural development in mountain sun bath. Combination of facilities, agriculture and green solar killing lamp, greenhouse heating equipment, sun bath, etc. can also be subsidized.

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