Solar Power

Be Prepared On Your Next Camping Trip With Some Camping Solar Panels

You may have already seen people making use of solar power on their camping trips. Don’t be fooled into thinking they must have loads of money to be able to afford it either.

Today,solar power is cheaper than ever and a portable solar panel is the perfect solution for power on a camping trip. So if you regularly go camping you should take another look at this renewable form of energy.

Of course, when deciding on a solar system you need to make sure that it’s practical, reliable and portable.

It’s very convenient to have a solar power system with you when you are out and about with your RV. Some campers still find the whole system as extravagant and unnecessary. This is true if you only go to camp sites that have power hookups. These sites have one drawback in that you need to book well in advance to ensure a hookup. If you have an RV with a solar panel then you can arrive at any camping site safe in the knowledge that you have available power whether they have a spare hookup or not. You can also explore quiet and remote places for a couple of days where others can’t go because of their dependency on an electrical supply.

Before you go camping however, it’s wise to calculate your exact electrical requirements and don’t forget to add in a reserve for those cloudy days. If your solar source of power is going to be the solar system it’s probably best to plan your trips in the sunnier months of the year.
Get enough solar panels to recharge your batteries in a reasonable amount of time.  It’s no good to drain the batteries if your solar panels need a few days to recharge them.

It’s essential to correctly calculate your power usage before choosing your system. After you have worked out your daily power usage and have added some on for reserve you can then safely decide what sort of system will fulfill your needs.

Today, there are several solar power systems that are suitable to RVs. There are many price ranges to suit a wide variety of budgets. It’s wise to cut down on your electrical devices or find more energy efficient versions. You are trying to get away from it all but some things you just can’t or shouldn’t do without.

You don’t have to have an RV to benefit from solar power while camping. There are many lightweight and portable systems out there for solar power. There are foldable panels that spread out like a blanket to catch the sun’s rays. You can get these in a variety of sizes, some big enough to power a laptop computer or some just big enough to charge a rechargeable lantern. If you’re a hiker you can get a pack with solar built in that provides enough power to charge a mobile phone, torch or iPod.

Solar power is no longer limited to homes, offices, and other big establishments. Now, it is already possible to carry solar power systems anywhere you go. There is no doubt that camping is more enjoyable if you have a solar system with you. Gas guzzling generators can now be given the flick when you can get free power from the sun. In the US, solar power is growing in popularity and more and more households are now using them.

For your next camping trip why don’t you investigate solar power for yourself. Plan your outing carefully and make sure that you pick the right time of year as well. If it’s cloudy weather you might find yourself without power until the sun comes out which is no fun. Solar power is clean and renewable so you can stay out camping for as long as you like if you keep are careful eye on your power consumption.

Leigh is passionate about camping and likes to share his enthusiasm online. If you are in the market for some green and virtually unlimited power have a look at this page at portable solar panels for camping.