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Balcony Hanging Solar Water Heater Break Through Bottlenecks In Building Energy Efficiency – Solar

April 16, 2006, power Norit news conference in Jinan, released its balcony hanging solar water heater new product news, consumer and real estate attracted strong interest.

Balcony hanging solar water heater products are new split. Its biggest advantage is the greatly expanded use of solar water heater, so that the top of the households of non-use can also be installed to solve the issue of high-rise buildings can not be installed and integrated with the architectural landscape is more suitable for use in large cities. The product technology reached the international advanced level, is the force Norit in 2005, “China Famous Brand” honor after another new dedication.

In recent years on energy-efficient buildings, solar energy and construction integration engineering market has increasingly become a hot topic. What energy-efficient buildings? According to experts, called energy-saving buildings, initially in developed countries is to reduce the dissipation of energy in buildings, but now widespread as to improve building energy efficiency, improve building comfort in the guarantee under the conditions of rational use of energy, and enhancing energy use efficiency. The building used to define the scope of that energy consumption, including heating, air conditioning, hot water, cooking, lighting, household appliances, elevators and other aspects of energy, generally in the state about 30% of the total energy consumption. Along with about 10 million square meters a year into civil use, building energy consumption ratio of total energy consumption from 1978 to about 10% to 35% now, thus saving building has become the top priority.

Present, China’s solar energy heat utilization industry is also limited in the field of domestic water heater, solar architecture in combination with the development and promotion is still relatively backward. Mainly due to the existence of solar water heaters, lighting, the appearance of the special requirements of the installation towards the installation location has limitations, it is difficult and the integration of architecture and urban landscape; There is also resistance to typhoons, to install security flaws, which are increased promotion of difficulty.

Energy-saving technology, integration of energy-saving products to the building will be energy-saving technology endeavors.

New Energy Co., Ltd. Shandong Power Norit is a Sino-German joint venture has a background in solar thermal use of professional business, with technology leadership and the group chain advantage, just spent 5 years on the fast-growing brand in China, among the solar energy industry, one of the best.

This, power Norit developed balcony hanging solar hot water centers, to address various aspects of solar and architectural integration with various problems. First, it improved through technology, to achieve a 360-degree lighting, solar collector feature upgrades to solve the problems facing water heater installation. Second, the separation of the water tank and collector, to solve the limitations of the installation location can be on the balcony, free installation of the wall, so that the top users of non-use, greatly expanding the use of solar water heaters. Third, the collector area and tank volume can be shaped according to the different households balcony design assembly to meet the requirements of various users. Finally, after installation not only damage but also beautify the appearance of the building, and integration of the urban landscape.

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