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2009, staged a century, the sudden financial crisis, and nearly 30 years of rapid development of China’s extensive economic growth mode, suddenly Energy Present shortage of disasters in Chinese eyes, like Avatar the movie Navy Serbs face outstretched down by a missile only after disaster. However, one industry is like the Avatar of “Phantom Knight”, as in 2009, sudden boost to the people’s nerves, this “Phantom Knight” the industry is the solar energy industry.

2009, the solar energy industry has become a pan-Chinese home appliance industry the most limelight. There are companies throughout the industry group 2900, output value of up to 60 billion. This figure has gas water heater, electric water heater output flung up behind.

Solar industry more exciting is that we respected when Premier Wen visited the East, but also benefits the country and a high degree of positive solar energy. Prime Minister as an industry to do “advertising”, which is unprecedented in the history of Chinese home appliance ever. 2009 National Strategy “appliances to the countryside,” also included the most important solar energy.

Solar energy industry is surprisingly good external environment, many solar companies have not catch this opportunity. 60 billion in output Tandao the industry group, less than 20 million yuan each firm, pitiful. Therefore, the solar energy company as a household appliance industry, “guerrillas.”

Reason there are two, one generally low quality of the solar energy industry business, the solar energy industry to “workshop management”, “assemble products”, “cheap marketing”, “short-term management” as the four characteristics. China’s solar energy industry for over 30 years, solar energy companies in 2900, the-known brands, but five: the Ming emperor, Sun Bao, Marino, Sang Le, Sun Rain … …

Second, solar energy industry is mainly concentrated in three or four market sales, marketing and relatively land a point, the industry’s most despised outside the solar energy, solar energy enterprises are not high quality of their own, despite the big industry ambitions, but lack of comprehensive skills, like riding a beast than the Avatar were horses, sitting bird, Zhang Gong Nock beat, like a modern American soldier.

Really make big solar energy industry is simply a need to upgrade the quality. Refer here to improve the quality of two dimensions.

First, the relevant members of the solar energy industry to actively into the modern business.
Second, the general public who pay attention to and support solar energy that is related to national energy security industry.

Because only improve the quality of the whole up, and solar energy industries really boom.
You ever noticed that when James? Cameron finished century masterpiece, “Titanic” won global recognition, it can think of 12 years with great concentration, “the human ‘Titanic’ will not sink?”, Finally in 2009 contributed further to make all of humanity was stunned by the “Avatar”, with his perfect interpretation of the cultural power of the “pan-human love” in Mind, an “Avatar,” a visual and spiritual shock, not Asia in a “Copenhagen” bickering session.

But relate to how the solar energy industry to improve the quality of it? Chinese national public seems as if Americans have the “pan-human love,” the Taste of tolerance.

Wealthy Chinese are doing? Between the Government of speculative real estate speculators, celebrities addicted to gambling, were also shot lead too derivative “Three Gun” and his ilk of lousy movies.

Not wealthy Chinese? Two years, the Chinese are not rich people so heartless world’s first commercial real estate prices, high oil prices to monopoly body to the bereaved yang rape, how can mood energy, solar energy, what a responsibility to concern that the green energy industry.

Mr. Lu Xun once said: Since ancient times, we have a hard people, who are desperately hard dry, promising the people who plead with his life for the solution to the people … … This is the backbone of the Chinese people!

Solar are the backbone of the Chinese team, the out of a business?? Jiangsu New Energy Co., Ltd. Sun Bao, take aim at bigger solar energy industry.

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