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Aquabot Automatic Pool Cleaners for Residential Use

Choosing the pool cleaner could be a simple job if we keep ourselves well-informed. First, we must decide how much we are ready to invest in our pool cleaner. If we do not want to spend more than $ 100 or $ 200, we should stay to manual cleaning tools. However, if we can layout between $ 400 and $ 2000, we should consider buying automatic equipment that requires less human intervention, and offers maximum cleaning with minimum time and money consumption.


The last equipment has a microprocessor, can map the surface, and is providing more than one cleaning functionalities, like scrubbing, washing, vacuuming or water filtering. It is true, though, that such an equipment will cost more than $ 1000, mainly if it is a brand name. Aquabot, for example, is offering its Turbo T4 RC with a little less than $ 2000. And this robotic cleaner pays off all that money!


There are many companies providing pool cleaners on the market, so the decision could be hard to take. A good idea could be searching the internet for consumers’ opinions, company’s websites, and specialized press releases.

Aquabot is a recognized brand, both by consumers and the press, and could be a wise choice for buying a pool cleaner.  This company offers a good price to quality rate for their equipments. The advantages of their products are:



– Self-contained units with onboard filtration systems;

– Simple techniques – only plug, push a button, and the device starts the cleaning process.

– Clean both the walls and the bottom of the pool.

– Low running costs – the Aquabot cleaners consume not more than one Kilowatt in seven hours;

– Minimum time-consuming – from one up to three ours cleaning cycles;

– Filtration capacity -  4000 up to 5000 gallons an hour, depending on the device;

– Use for any pool shape or surface;

– High filtration ability – the filtration removes the debris up to two microns;

– Long-term warranty – three to four years, depending on the model;

– Manual reset switch for safety use.


There are many other advantages not mentioned here, but the most valuable asset is they allow pool owners to stay and enjoy their relaxation moments while their pool gets effortlessly cleaned.

Every person interested in Aquabot cleaning units can conduct its own search on the internet, or on the company’s website Aquabot Parts and will probably find the best product for its needs and expectations.