Wind Energy

‘Annoyance from wind turbine noise?’ Dr Sabine von Hunerbein

‘Annoyance from wind turbine noise? Review of wind turbine noise studies of the last two decades’
Dr Sabine von Hünerbein, University of Salford

“In agreement with other environmental noise literature, most work on the annoyance from wind turbines has focused on noise. Notable work has been carried out in Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan, China, Canada and the US.
Their results seem to show that the noise from wind turbines starts to annoy at sound levels that are much lower than that of other sources such as road or rail traffic. At the same time other factors are identified that also correlate highly with annoyance ratings.
The presentation will critically review the evidence and raise the question whether it is time to shift the focus from noise annoyance to a much broader view on the factors affecting the acceptance of wind energy installations.”

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