Solar Power

An Introduction to Creating Your Own Solar Panels

Making a solar panel is one of the most fun DIY projects you can ever take on. It beats the heck out of making a spice rack I’ll tell you that. One of the reasons making a solar panel is so rewarding is that the end product saves you money. They’re also not that hard to build. All you have to do is acquire a few parts and use some tools you probably have in the garage to construct everything.

Now, you can literally make a solar panel from raw materials. But that’s not we’ll talk about here. What we’ll talk about is finding solar cells components, preferably used, and making a solar panel out of them.

The process involves soldering the solar cells together, and placing them in a wooden box that you create. Then you want to attach Plexiglas to the top and seal it.

Of course, there’s more to making a solar panel than just these steps. But I want you to have an understanding of the basics. I recommend getting your hands on a how to guide will walk you through all the steps.

Once you’re done creating your solar masterpiece, you can test how much electricity it generates. You also want to find a suitable place to mount it. Rooftops are best, so observe which part of the roof gets the most sunlight throughout the day.

You’ll also want to check with local regulations to make sure you’re not violating any laws. If you get serious about it and construct a few of these, you might actually be in a position to sell energy back to the grid. Imagine that, getting paid by your utility company.

I hope this overview of making a solar panel has given you some ideas. It really is one of the most fun do-it-yourself projects you can take on. If you have kids, it’s also a great learning experience for them. You’re teaching them about environmental conservation as well as construction. It’s a win-win all around.

Does making a solar panel interest you? If so, you can check out the making a solar panel guide available for free at

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