Solar Power

Alternative Energy Solutions

With global warming finally being recognized by the masses for the very real threat that it is, we’re faced with making some serious changes, and fast.

There are alternative energy solutions for everyone, regardless of income. Even if you’re not able to install the latest $ 40,000 commercial solar system, or that impressive, very expensive wind turbine, you can still utilize solar energy, and the benefits of having your own, electricity-producing wind turbine.

Electrical power generation isn’t a complicated procedure, nor does it have to be expensive. You can actually build your own alternative energy solutions, and for surprising little money. By using only simple tools that most everyone already has, and purchasing cheap, individual solar cells, most people could easily build a couple of energy-producing solar panels during a weekend project.

Also, if you live in an area that has a decent amount of wind, a DIY wind turbine could also be part of your alternative energy solutions. For again, just a tiny investment, as low as $ 200, you can actually have your own electricity-producing wind turbine. Compared to what a similar, commercially available wind turbine would cost, a DIY wind turbine is like hitting the lottery.

Even if you don’t want to build a solar array big enough to totally live ‘off-grid,’ just a small investment of time and money, coupled with some smart choices in your home power usage, can easily save most homeowners a tremendous amount of money. Of course if you are trying to totally eliminate your monthly utility bill, by building a couple of solar panels a month, and investing, as you can afford to, in the other equipment needed (batteries, inverter, etc.), anyone can become totally energy independent in a relatively short time, and for a fraction of what a contractor-installed solar or wind energy system would cost.

The experts are saying that we need to rid ourselves of this horrible fossil fuel addiction in the next ten years, or it could be too late. Peter Smith, an emeritus professor at Nottingham University, said that we need to replace fossil fuels with greener energy within ten years because green technology would need at least ten years to bring carbon levels under control.

It really doesn’t take a professor though to realize that the many decades of nonstop pollution since the industrial age, with little to no concern for the very planet that gives of life, has taken it’s toll. If we don’t make the necessary changes, and make them soon enough, these many years of abuse of the planet, could very well take much more.

Please do your part in helping to save the planet. It’s not like it has to cost anyone anything. In fact, the good thing about becoming energy-independent, is that you can actually shed yourself of that annoying utility bill.

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