Wind Energy

Alisios wind farm, Costa Rica

Wind farms are a crucial part of Costa Rica’s drive to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and move to clean, infinite sources of electricity.

CMI is a family-owned business with an energy division focused on renewable energy projects; their teams come from the region and are engaged with several local communities. CMI Energía’s wind farm teams identify and seek to understand any negative impact ranging from deforestation, bird and bat collisions, noise and shadow flicker, and strive to compensate or mitigate those impacts with measures such as the relocation of people living too close to the wind turbines, training of the staff in the proper management of wildlife, and having a strong reforestation program.

For the Alisios Wind Plants, which have a total installed capacity of 80 MW, a robust reforestation program is in place, ensuring that for every tree that is cut, ten new trees will be planted. Alisios’s current social projects involve, among others, a scholarship program, entrepreneurship initiatives and trainings, support to local schools with school supplies, improvement of schools’ infrastructure, water access projects, support to health centers with health supplies and infrastructure improvement, recycling campaigns, and environmental talks.