Solar Power

Adopting Solar Power As Your Primary Source Of Energy

Solar energy is the way forward. Governments, industry and people in general are becoming far more aware of renewable energy resources. This is because traditional fossil fuel energy resources are becoming more expensive. This is due to political instabilities in energy producing countries ramping up the prices. Or simply, that the resources themselves are running out and becoming harder to find.

Governments are introducing incentives, such as grants or tax breaks on individuals and businesses that adopt cleaner and sustainable forms of energy. Industry increases the budget on research and development of new devices that use renewable energy sources. People are becoming far more conscious of environmental issues as films like ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ get a mainstream release in movie theaters.

Solar power is one form of renewable energy that has been used for the past 50 years and is an increasingly popular way of utilizing renewable energy. The Photovoltaic technology has been applied to a range of devices, from the standard solar panels that provide energy to an entire house to smaller devices like solar powered garden lighting, solar powered street lights, solar ovens and solar attic fans.

There is far more emphasis on new housing developments to be environmentally responsible and energy efficient. This has meant that some new developments are coming with pre-fitted solar panels. It is hoped that one day the panels will provide all the energy for the house but at this stage the new homes are still hooked up to the grid. House building companies are still reticent to put solar panels onto new houses because of the cost of solar panels. At this point they would cost around $ 17,000 to $ 20,000 to install. As the technology becomes more widespread and accepted this value should come down.

California is ideally located to benefit from the sun’s energy and unsurprisingly they lead the way in the United States with legislation and incentives to put solar panels into 50 % of homes. This is largely being subsidized by taxation but is proof that attitudes are changing to the use of renewable energy sources.

Solar power can be applied to many house and garden products. In recent years the cost of these appliances have become very affordable and saved money on energy bills. Learn more about solar powered appliances at

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