Solar Power

Achieve self sufficiency in energy with solar pod

Modern equipments run on electricity that is produced in power stations. Coal as been the traditional source for energy but now it is near depletion. Next source is hydro power but no place left to set new dams. Then we have wind energy but wind turbines can’t be set at every place. Nuclear energy is still at budding stage and looking at the waste nuclear power plants would create it is ideal to keep the nuclear genie in the bottle. Now we are left with one source that is providing us tremendous energy from centuries and is believed to fulfill our demand for at least next thousand years. You must have understood that we are taking about sun.

You have energy requirements at home for which you rely on electricity. But have ever thought of an affordable electricity source that requires no cable or monthly bills. Here we present Solar Pod, the solar energy capsule that can run every electronic as well as electric item found in homes and work places. This solar energy device needs no installation hence provide freedom from all that hassle involving setting units and lying cables. You would wonder to know that this solar energy system can be packed away and relocated to new place literally within minutes. This is simply awesome and amazing. Isn’t it?

Solar pod generates sufficient energy to run a television set, personal computers, power tools, fax and almost everything found under the sun. This multipurpose energy source can be connected with optional high performance solar panels. Its built in battery and inverter technology promises uninterrupted power supply and also safety of your sensitive electric and electronic equipments from unusual electric fluctuations that can damage the equipments. This is a ready-to-use solar system which is just perfect for homes and offices.

Travel homes if equipped with all the entertainment facilities are the best place to rest, relax while visiting places. But the energy limitations discourage people from installing more facilities in their RVs. The Solar pod has answers to all your energy requirements. It can power a 19” LCD TV for 24 hours and a 32” LCD TV for 5 hours. Since it is solar charged, you have no worries regarding recharging your Solar Pod. The best feature of this solar energy system is this that it is installation free and portable. It is cost effective too because the sun is not going to charge you for using its energy.

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