Solar Power

A Guide to Energy Conservation at Home

Solar energy
by compxl

Even though you may be considering adding an alternative energy generating system to your home like solar panels or a wind turbine, you can reduce your energy needs as well by starting a little home energy conservation. There are a few easy steps you can take to reduce your energy use at home without affecting your quality of life for comfort.

One of the first things you should do is replace all of the standard bulbs in your home with Compact florescent bulbs (CFL). These newer style bulbs give you the same amount of light and they only use 25% of the power. It is very easy to put a CFL bulb in every fixture in your home. They will fit any standard fixture in your home and they work just like the regular bulbs will. Since lighting is one of the major costs in your monthly electrical bill, changing out your bulbs to a CFL equivalent can have a big impact on lowering your energy needs each month for very little effort.

Another thing you can do to help with home energy conservation is to eliminate any drafts in your home. They are usually found around doors and windows and are easy to find and get rid of.

If you hold a candle next to a window or door frame and see the candle flicker you will know that there is a leak. These drafts are a double energy waster for you since they let the cold air out during the summer and let the warm air out during the winter. If you want to seal the gaps you can use a caulking gun for the smaller types and expandable foam for the larger ones.

Another great idea for home energy conservation is to install a programmable thermostat for your heating and cooling system. By changing the temperature of your home on a schedule you can make a positive change in your energy usage.

You can lower the temperature in the winter when the family is sleeping or out of the house during the day to work or school and then raise it again just before you arrive home. This little difference in the temperature can have a 10 – 20% impact on your heating bills each month. You can do the same in the summertime with the air conditioner if you want to save even more.

Another simple thing you can do when practicing home energy conservation is to install motion-sensing switches in bedrooms and closets. The lights will stay off when no one is in the room and then as soon as someone enters the room lights turn on.

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