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7 Steps to Install Solar Panels on Your Roof top

Hello Friends, today Our topic of discussion is “7 Steps to Install Solar Panels on Your Roof top”

Solar panel techniques have a shiny future within the renewable energy industry, residence, Institutions, NGOs, commercial ventures and building house owners alike. Solar panels, also referred to as solar photo-voltaic panels are wonderful tools for reducing month-to-month electrical bills continuously for almost 25 years. Installation of solar panels on your rooftop will be helpful in providing clean green electricity, decreasing dependence on conventional fossil fuels, and adding worth to a house or building. Installing rooftop solar panels is without doubt one of the greatest technique to improve the value of a house or building. And, not to mention the truth that Government of India laws prolonged a 40% Accelerated Depreciation of tax credit score for commercial installations with Net Metering facilities whereas subsidies to the tune of 30% of project for residential, institutions and social sector for solar panel installations.

7 Steps to Installing Solar Panels as discussed in this Video can be utilized to help understanding each business and residential clients via the solar panel purchasing and installation process, and to assist for make it as easy and straightforward as doable.

1. Assessment of load and estimated size of Solar Panels

2. Availability of sufficient shadow free roof top area

3. Availability of documents related to energy meter like copy of paid electricity bill of summer months, copy of AADHAR card of user and PAN Card etc,

4. Get Quotations.
5. Research the rates in the Market.
6. Determine the required Size of the Solar Power Plant in Watts.
7. Choose the Type of Solar Panels.
7. Review the quote and solar system specs.
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