Solar Power

5 Ways Where You Can Make Money From Solar Energy Power

Solar energy
by NH53

It seems these days that you can’t turn on the tv or read a periodical of any kind without hearing mention of green energy or “going green”. While everyone has been making a case for why solar energy power is great for the environment, they’re overlooking the also very important money making aspect of this natural energy generator. Here are 5 ways in which you can make money from solar energy power.

Utility Expenses – This is one of your most expensive bills, and quite possibly THE most expensive bill. On average, homeowners in America spend $ 200 a month to power their homes alone. That’s almost $ 2500 a year spent just to power their homes whereas if they were using solar energy power they could generate their own homes for nothing.

Extra Energy – So that last one was pretty obvious, but did you know that for every bit of natural energy which you create but do not use or consume in a given month you can sell it back to the power company for a substantial profit. The power company gets reimbursed by the government to do just that or pay you for your easily earned solar energy power. Imagine EARNING an extra $ 2500 in addition to the $ 2500 you’re already saving from living “off the grid”. Many homeowners go on to construct multiple solar cells to exponentially increase their power output and bring in a tidy supplemental, second, continuous income for no extra effort required on their parts.

Tax Breaks – The Obama administration is very passionate and serious about natural energy solutions. Even before the Obamas, the government rewarded those who lived off the grid in the form of tax breaks because these Americans are cutting down on the greater energy crisis. But now with our new president, we can expect further bonuses and incentives to be made available to those who embrace natural energy right now.

Your Own Business – I’ve mentioned solar energy power quite a bit now. Truthfully, this technology is not cheap to have constructed for you or have implemented, with costs reaching upwards of $ 3000 to have them professionally built and installed. These days, however, a number of DIY guides have come out which detail exactly how to go about constructing your very own fully functional cells on a budget using materials you likely have lying around your home. Keeping in mind that these cost thousands of dollars for a pro job, that’s proof that other homeowners are willing to pay top dollar for that technology, and you can build and sell it to them for a huge margin of profit like many people are starting to do. This is becoming a new field all of its own.

Home Value – One last point to be made is that having solar energy power in your home dramatically adds to the value of your home, ask any realtor. This is again because other homeowners and home buyers are interested in the exact same things as you are when buying a home such as a home which powers itself to save and make themselves money on it with no effort required on their parts.

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