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5 Ways to Make Money From Your Own DIY Solar Panels

DIY solar panels or those which you build yourself are becoming increasingly popular in this tight economic climate. When you consider that to have these tools professionally build and installed would cost upwards of $ 3000 and the ones you can build at home using household materials for practically nothing work just as well, it’s no wonder accounting for the gain in popularity all of a sudden and the number of guides devoted to teaching you how to build these yourself.

Sure, the natural energy which you produce using DIY solar panels is great for the environment, but let’s not forget the money making aspect as well so here are 5 ways to make money from your own homemade panels.

Power Bills – This one is likely the most obvious of the group. Power bills cost the average American $ 2500 each year. That’s a lot of money which could undoubtedly be better spent elsewhere if you had it freed up all of a sudden by “living off the grid” and using your own homemade energy.

Surplus of Energy – Some homeowners construct multiple DIY solar panels to increase their energy output exponentially. Why do this? Because the power company will actually buy back any bit of energy which you product but do not consume in a given month. Some businesses are based around this, and many homeowners effortlessly bring in very attractive supplemental incomes each year simply by doing this.

Tax Cuts – Also, those who live off their own energy are helping to alleviate the greater energy concerns and crisis, and the government rewards them for doing this by offering tax breaks to those who do this.

Entrepreneur – I mentioned how expensive the professional equivalents to the DIY solar panels are. This is evidence that people are willing to pay top dollar for this technology. Many homeowners who build their own tools using the DIY guides which explain how to put them together in implement them on a budget go on to build several more to either give to friends or family, or to sell on the open market to anyone looking to buy these tools themselves.

Home Value – One very important source of value for DIY solar panels comes in the value of your home itself. A home which has solar panels and is self sufficient that way is significantly worth more than the same home without it, so remember this when it comes time to sell because other homeowners and buyers are looking for the same things as you when buying and that includes saving money.

Interested in using solar panels to power your home and start saving and earning money from it but aren’t sure where to start? Take a look at how easy and affordable it is using the best reviewed guides for building DIY solar panels completely risk free.

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