Solar Power

4 Solar Incentives and Ways to Make Money From Solar Energy

Solar energy has gone mainstream to the point where anyone can build their own fully functional electricity producing solar cells at home and on a budget. Consider these 4 money making and saving solar incentives for making the easy, affordable, one time switch to renewable solar energy.

Power Bills – On average, most households in the US spend $ 2500 annually on electricity to power their homes alone. Given the great efficiency of implementing homemade solar cells and solar incentives, you can drastically reduce that monthly bill or eliminate it altogether. Imagine having an extra $ 2500 in your annual budget each year just because you didn’t have to pay inflating utility costs. If you’re sick of it, many other Americans are as well, only they’ve gone ahead, taken the initiative to create their own energy at home, and have since moved off the grid.

Extra Energy – Whatever electricity which you produce from your solar cells but don’t consume in a given month is a surplus which can be fed back into the power grid and sold back to the power company for a tidy profit. The government reimburses the power company to do this. Many homeowners with extra land devote it to creating natural energy and cover it with solar cells to bring in a healthy profit or even second income. Imagine not paying but receiving an extra $ 2500 or more each year for no extra effort required on your part.

Tax Breaks – The government is interested in doing whatever it can to alleviate the on going energy crisis for our country and our planet. Consequently they reward those who live off the grid and are self reliant with considerable tax breaks. The Obama administration is particularly interested in renewable, clean energy devices such as solar cells, so you can expect a even more solar incentives for creating your own energy in the near future.

Selling Solar Cells – Many other homeowners are very interested in these same money making solar incentives and many are willing to pay top dollar for it. Some people who have made their own solar cells using DIY guides have gone on to construct multiple solar cells and sold them to other people for a tidy profit.

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