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3 Ways to Save Money on Solar Panels

A hot topic today, many people want to know how much solar panels cost for a residential application. Depending on the type of solar energy system chosen, these systems can run from a sizeable investment to a small fortune for the typical homeowner. There are ways to enjoy the convenience and wisdom of this technology without the high sticker price. Three different components of a solar panel project can be targeted to help save money.

Save Money on Materials
Although it can be complicated and not always successful, building your own solar panels is one way to save money on this project. Using basic components and following thorough instructions you can build a solar panel kit to be used in and around your home for capturing and generating solar power.

If you are looking at a more expansive application, shop around for quality manufacturers that have their products in well known locations. When purchasing a factory made kit, you want to buy something reliable and well built. If you opt for a product that was cheaply and quickly assembled you will be replacing it within a short period of time.

Save Money on Installation Costs
If you go with DIY solar panels you will likely be installing the system yourself, which will also save money on this portion. Be sure that the kit you purchase has well detailed and understandable instructions, otherwise you will become frustrated and be more prone to making mistakes.

When hiring a professional installer it pays to compare quotes, allowing you to get a fair sense of what the going rate is and be sure that you are hiring the firm that delivers the best value. Have around three contractors visit your home and place a bid on what the installation portion of the job will be. Make sure they are all quoting on the same project, the same materials and the same working conditions. By comparing them, and possibly even asking your favourite contractor to match a lower bid, you can have a good look at the range of costs and make the best decision.

Save Money after Installation
Although it makes little difference in the initial stages of this project, you will save money on solar panels over time. Factor in the lower energy bills and consider whether selling energy back to the grid makes sense. All of this money can add up to large savings over the years.

You can also investigate whether any government rebates are applicable for your area. Many programs are encouraging and sponsoring homeowners to install solar panels and are also awarding cash payouts to qualifying projects. Find out whether your home is applicable and factor those additional rebates into the overall cost of your system.

Don’t shy away from solar panels because of a potentially high initial cost. By focusing on these three factors you can save money and look forward to the many benefits of solar panels.

Solar panel quotes can be found online, saving you the time to find companies providing these energy saving measures, to save money on your energy bills even further make sure to check the deals on cheap double glazing too.

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