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3 Great Home Energy Devices

By finding free, easy home energy, you can cut the costs of your electricity bills. Below are a few great home energy devices you can consider to build and have endless free energy.


If you were lucky enough to live in an environment that experiences a lot of wind, then it would do you well to consider building or buying your own wind turbines. Domestic wind turbines are not always easy to find, but marine turbines are very often employed for domestic use. They are excellent in most weather conditions as they are build for the most extreme conditions at sea, but the cost of buying marine wind turbines is very high and building your own will cost you no more than $ 100 for a respectable size turbine. Once you have the ability to build your own, you are able to build them, as you need to.


Areas that experience a lot of sunshine would benefit from the installation of solar panels. Cheap solar panels can be found online at various auction sites. The disadvantage of purchasing second hand solar panels is that you still need to know how to install them. There are instruction manuals online that show you how to build and install solar panels in your home. This is a great investment, as it will allow you to be able to purchase any panels in any condition and have the ability to repair and install them. If you have a little diy experience, you might even find that building your own solar panels is a cheaper and more satisfying alternative.


For people who do not have much sun or wind around their homes, the magnetic generator is the ideal solution. Although this technology has been around for decades, it is only recently that the instruction manuals for domestic application have become available online. This device works under any conditions and will generate a reasonable amount of energy. Domestic magnetic generators are not available for purchase, so this is entirely a diy project, but one that you might find suits your needs and your budget. At a cost of just $ 200 to build and with the ability to produce larger models or multiple models, it is possible to generate enough free, clean energy for your home with just a rudimentary knowledge of diy.



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