Solar Power

24/7 Off grid solar power nicehash mining rig!

After living off the social network grid for about 10 years and living actually off grid for over a year we decided to share some of our experiences. Instead of starting with the tedious projects like water and air conditioning I figured I would show you my latest scheme. Off grid mining rig (we call the armadillo) was born as the cheapest way to run window units and keep us cool here in blazing Alabama. After running the calculations on mining and paying for power at our local rate I realized the ROI was further out than the life span of many of the parts, so I set off to see if this is feasible and the conclusion I have come to is… no way. It takes specialized knowledge in the arena of computers and solar as well as time and the luck to find all these cheap parts.

My next project will be to build my own rig which should be much nicer and it will run dc-dc. The ac inversion loss is killing my heart every time it runs 😢.

Anyway it was fun I hope you guys enjoy my work, let me know what else you want to see me do!

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