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1 Way to Cut Your Electricity Bills Without Building Solar Panels For Your Home

Solar panels for residential use
by itmpa

One way of cutting and actually eliminating your electricity bills altogether is to build a perpetual motion magnetic machine. ‘A what?’ I hear you ask. A machine that never stops working and that produces its own energy to run itself.

Let us call it a ‘free energy generator’ for simplicity because that is exactly what it is and what it does. Unlike building solar panels for your home which although efficient many people find unsightly, the free energy generator is a compact machine that can be tucked away in your garage, shed or even in a cupboard.

It will produce more than enough energy to fully power your home for free. ‘How does it work?’ is a common question of course, and like many great inventions it is simplicity itself. The inventors are the smart people who think outside the box using what is readily available and in this case, cheap too!

Using magnets, the magnetic force induces perpetual motion creating completely free electrical energy. It runs all by itself without stopping which is pretty smart but better yet it produces a more of energy than it consumes. Therefore it makes free electricity for you!

You can build a free energy generator more easily than solar panels, in less space and at less cost. The component parts are easily available from hardware stores and many people have what they need laying around their house, basement or garage.

So ‘Why’, you may ask, ‘have I not heard of this before?’ There are no prizes for guessing that successive governments have suppressed this information and continue to do so to this day. However, thanks to the internet this information is getting into more and more people’s hands and now it is in yours.

If you are one of the growing numbers of people who want to cut your electricity bill without building solar panels for your home then I suggest you investigate a free energy generator. 

Bill Humphreys builds free energy generators for a growing number of astute clients. If you are ready to embrace new ideas, help save our planet and save costs for yourself then look into how easily you can build a ‘perpetual motion magnetic machine’.

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