Wind Energy

💤🙌 Sleepytime Reiki ASMR: Simple, Soothing Energy Clearing & Relaxing Wind Down Sounds 🙌💤

Relax, unwind & enjoy this soothing soft spoken Reiki ASMR session with visual triggers, audio triggers & whispering before bed. 🛌💤💜 This session starts with a soothing clearing of your energy field with a Selenite wand and gentle hand motions to cleanse & fluff your aura, followed by a festive holiday cinnamon-scented mini broomstick, Yerba Santa smudge stick & fallen Autumn leaves to sooth, relax & silence your mind before you drift off to sleep…💖

*Please excuse the rather plain, mundane background in this video, as it was filmed inside my car. 🤔😄

☮Peace, 💚Love & 🙏Blessings to you,
~ Katie ~

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